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Time for a new look - that's what you do during lockdown!

Kia Ora Foodies! I hope you are all enjoying day 1 of lockdown! I don't mind it so much, it's nice having the kids at home (I say that now. I won't be able to get them out the door quick enough by next week ). We've been working on giving the website a bit of a refresh over the last few weeks, and it seemed like tonight was the right time to hit the live button. Apologies if there is something not working as expected, let us know and we will sort it ASAP.

We've had a lot of messages asking for ideas with dinners, lunches, things to make with the kids, so a blog with recipes, what we've been working on and some of our stories seemed like the way to share with you all. If there is something in particular you are after, let us know and we will get some ideas up for you.

We are really excited about where FOG Food has come from and what we have up our sleeves for the coming months; we are certain you are going to love it!

Our goal is to continue bringing you some of the classics of muggle life in a delicious gluten free format still packed with flavour. We have had some crazy creations coming out of the test kitchen recently, and some seriously drool worthy ones too.

We hope to have at least 1 new recipe each week. The goal is to have a hub of recipes and info all in one spot for people as they start their gluten free journey.

Thanks for your continued support, especially during these challenging lockdown times.

Emma x

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